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Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

Looking to buy new property in Brisbane? Make sure you start with a solid foundation, with the knowledge and peace of mind provided by hiring a professional Pre Purchase Brisbane Building and Pest inspection service.

InspectIt Homes provides a range of home and pest inspection services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas including the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. All of the inspections are conducted and delivered in a professional standard, by our fully licensed, insured, and independent building and pest inspectors. Our inspectors are also fully qualified and highly experienced, equipped with the latest tools in the industry including thermal imaging, and can provide same day reports.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, working with clients from Brisbane to as far as Gold coast and Ipswich, we have become leaders in building and pest inspection in Brisbane. We focus on delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients at competitive prices. We are confident with providing you the most thorough inspection you can get on the market, and our staff will spend enough time with you to make sure all the questions or concerns you might have are answered.

Why Should You Perform a Inspection with us?

Our friendly team will:

  • Discuss with you and organise a suitable appointment time
  • Organise with the tenant for access to the property if need be
  • Notify and remind you of the time and day of the appointment so that you can attend
  • Email you digital special purpose reports containing photos within 24 hours

The InspectIt Homes team will be looking for a lot of different things and will essentially tip each other off whenever they find an area of concern. This is why you need to have specialist eyes on the job, so that the house inspection is thorough. Provided there’s enough access, our team will look at the following areas of the property:

  • The exterior of the house
  • The interior
  • Carport and/or garage
  • Driveways, fences, and pathways
  • Out building like granny flats etc.
  • The Sub floor between the ground and the bottom
  • Retaining and structural walls
  • Ceiling space &
  • Roof inspections

Besides of our quality services, here are 4 reasons why you need a professional building inspection:

Structural Defects

Dampness is one of the most common problem for buildings. It leaves a distinctive odour, and is rather unhygienic. Places exposed to a lot of moisture, such as where flooding has occurred or around leaks in pipes, roofs and windows usually cause mould to grow. Mould is responsible for many respiratory conditions, which could affect the residents of the property.

Potential for Accidents

Dilapidated construction work is not always obvious to the eye on the exterior parts of a property. But with our experience in the industry, we report all of the building work that is deemed below the recommended quality check level.

The stairs to your home should always be safe and reliable for all users. Uneven edges and inconsistent stair steps can cause tripping. We will also look into the structure of the stairs and give you a full report.

Faulty electrics can cause serious injury or even death to visitors or residents of the property. We take this very seriously, and we will do our due diligence to notify you if there’s any potential threat.

Drone roof inspections

If you require pool and pump inspection on your property or even a pool fence safety inspection, ensure you mention it when booking, so that we can organise for this inspection to be done as the house inspection is conducted.

Currently, all spa and pool fences have to be certified by a pool fence inspector when renting or selling property; otherwise, you will be required to have the spa or pool fence certified within a 5 year period. Keep in mind that the safety of your family and other children is paramount, and that children are usually clever at coming up with new ways to access the pool.

Each year, there are many injury cases and drowning and we want to take part in reducing this number. Having your pool inspected regularly and rectifying the areas of concern will help keep your pool at the highest safety standards. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the pool owner to keep their pool fence in compliance with the current regulations.

Although spas and pools are great deal of fun, they can be a very expensive problem whenever they are not operating as they should. Water leaks could translate into huge damages around the property, and pump failure could be very costly. It’s therefore recommended that you get a licensed plumber of pool builder to inspect the spa, pool, pump etc. and report their condition.

Pest and Termite Inspection

Our professional termite inspectors are highly trained to conduct pest inspection, and they can take up to one hour on site. The pest and termite inspectors can also help you with the required treatments and upgrades as necessary, in order to minimize the risk on the property.

Valuation of the Property

Do you need property valuation services? We can organize for your property valuation with a professional company, which can be performed at the same time as the house and pest inspection to save on time.

Non-Compliant or Unapproved Construction

Numerous properties have unmanaged extensions that have been carried out without the required permission. In such cases, official standards and guidelines might not have been upheld. If you are aware of such an activity, it can be used as a great bargaining tool as the potential buyer. Our inspection and reporting services are there to make you aware of such kinds of work, which might not even be complete.

What Else is Included in the Official Report?

Photographs of all the major issues around the property will be included, since they tell their own story. To minimize wastage, pre-purchase building and pest inspections should be booked for the same time. In general, a building inspection will last a few hours, depending on the size and the condition of the property.

The purchaser is often required to obtain building and pest reports and follow up inspections from landscapers, engineers, arborists, etc. so that they can obtain a formal scope of the construction work, the condition of the property. All of our inspectors are licensed with the QBCC to operate within Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Unable to make it to the Inspection? No problem.

When the building and pest inspection is complete, our inspectors will call you, and they will walk you through all their findings. Upon receiving your report, you will essentially have the access to the mobile numbers of our inspectors, and you can reach them should any queries arise.

InspectIt Homes is a debt-free Australian business based in Brisbane, and we have been in the building industry for over 20 years. Our joy is providing you with the best Brisbane building inspection and reporting services. Let us help you buy your dream home or investment property.