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East Brisbane’s Leading Pest And Building Inspectors

InspectIt Homes is one of East Brisbane’s leading agencies offering building and pest inspection services. Our services are an integral part of the due diligence process for pre-purchase inspections. The team of experts we have on-board offer end to end inspection services which are primarily for ready-to-move-in properties. These properties could be new or previously occupied, but are now available for resale. In addition to this, such inspections are usually a part of the routine home inspections conducted from time to time by the occupants of a residential building. With the passage of time, such properties develop issues that could be structural in nature or are related to pest infestations. Issues like these are duly identified and resolved by our experts at InspectIt Homes.

The procedure to book an appointment with us is as follows:

  • You give us a call or send across a mail, stating the request and tentative date for the appointment.
  • An official from our team will get back to you to discuss timings and the date of the appointment.
  • If required, the team will make necessary arrangements for accessing the property.
  • The experts will conduct the building and/or pest inspection as per your requirements. These inspections are open for you, the client, to attend.
  • Following inspection, the inspectors prepare a comprehensive report of their observations from the inspection and send the same to you, along with pictures to support their findings.

Having defined the basic outline for booking an appointment for a building and pest inspection in East Brisbane, let us explore the vital reasons why such an inspection by InspectIt Homes can be a lifesaver for you and your property:

Locating Structural Damages to Avoid Accidents

Subtropical climates like that of Brisbane invite excessive moisture issues. There are other moisture related problems like dampness, flooding, mould, leakages, and electrical work that are potential areas of concern. These problems often have other issues associated with them- such as, with dampness, there is the issue of odor, hygiene, and with mould growth, there is the possible hazard of respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Construction work gets affected with time and its quality subsides. Hence, it needs to be checked in order to maintain maximum security and safety both inside and outside the building.

Building and pest inspections in East Brisbane and the other areas we service ensure that the household or commercial complex being inspected meets all quality control levels. From uneven edges, steps, to the electrical connections- are all examined thoroughly and their statuses reported to you.

So, an annual home inspection or a pre-purchase inspection by our licensed and highly skilled experts at InspectIt Homes is a great way to ensure that the property under consideration is as per the construction and structural quality norms. In case of pre-purchase formalities, the value of the property is ascertained based on these factors and you get the dual benefit of knowing the property inside out, and also knowing the best value of the property in the current time and market scenario.

You can book an appointment for building and pest inspections in East Brisbane or the other locations we serve by either giving us a call on 0499 887 792 or via mail at

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