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The issue of pest infestation is a pervasive one, all over Queensland, with seasonal and geographic variations influencing the type of pests and the degree of damage caused. Your home, despite taking all hygiene and pest control measures possible might be inhabited by disease-causing rodents, insects and small animals. Not taking the right step when you see the first signs of infestation, just to save a few dollars, might put you in a major crisis. With the possibility of the infestation becoming severe with each passing day, you might not want to delay getting professional help at the earliest. You can see for yourself the damage termite infestation for instance in a building can cause here.

For the same reasons, it is best to act on the initial signs of a pest issue and seek help from a qualified professional agency like us.

We are InspectIt Homes and we offer building and pest inspection services in the North Coast.

Homeowners in the North Coast like you can carry out a basic visual inspection of the premises of the home or office. In tropical climates similar to ours, pests can find a great environment to flourish. This is especially before and after the arrival of summer. It is during this time when you need to carry out a check for water leaks and the associated damage. Excessive moisture inside the walls and indoors often attract unwanted guests like termites into your house. According to our building and pest inspectors who serve customers in the North Coast, in addition to the 300 different species of termites seen in this part of Australia, the residents also face the issues of:

  • Cockroaches – Australian cockroach, smokey brown cockroach and American cockroach are common variants seen in kitchens, under the sink, in basements as well as outdoors.
  • Bed bugs – They are very difficult to detect due to their elusive lifestyle. Common indicators include waking up with itchy rashes and blood marks on the sheets.
  • Ants – Black house, green or green head and fire ants are common pests observed in these areas. As per the inspectors, some ants can be very harmful to humans, for e.g., fire ants.
  • Wasps – The Yellowjacket, European and English wasps make nests of chewed wood pulp and saliva. These pests start off small in size, with their growth often escalating in favorable conditions.

The Solution

Coming to the solution for the aforementioned pests, thermal imaging is one of the latest technologies used by our experts at InspectIt Homes to identify and control pests along with choosing the right option among remedial measures. Apart from identifying the pest itself, we use thermal imaging to identify the points of entry for pests and the sources of moisture that make your home a favorable breeding ground.

Our building and pest inspectors in the North Coast often use thermal cameras to detect termites, bees, bats, squirrels, ants, wasps, hornets, raccoons and possums and identify the ways they end up inside your home, which is usually very difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Hence, getting professional advice becomes absolutely necessary.

It is suggested that you get at least one inspection done every year to keep a tab on any pest infestation, and in case you see several signs of pests inside your home, you should immediately get in touch with us.

It is best to opt for a detailed inspection with InspectIt Homes as we have significant knowledge of this area. We also try our best to respond quickly, along with having a good track record in terms of past work.

When you are getting a building and pest inspection done with us, you can rest assured as we are known to carry out one the most thorough inspections. Our inspections involve remediation and preventive measures as well reduction or elimination of chances of recurrence of the infestation.

Our inspector will take an in-depth look at your home, the interiors, exteriors, basement, premises and even between the walls using the thermal camera. Such inspections are end-to-end so that he/she does not miss any corners and gaps.

Hence, if you are about to schedule a building and pest inspection in North Coast by employing thermal imaging, you can go for InspectIt Homes for the best results. For prices and other queries, you can drop us a mail at or call us up on 0499 887 792.

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