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A building and pest inspection is like a thorough health check up for any residential or commercial real estate and its interiors. Such inspections are absolutely necessary for homes, especially during summers and monsoons. Resale properties that are to be bought need these inspections as part of the pre-purchase formalities. These inspections are especially important in subtropical climates similar to that of Australia.

If you are a resident of South Brisbane, InspectIt Homes could be the right solution for your building and pest inspection needs.

About Inspectit Homes

We are specialists in building and pest inspections, having relevant industry experience of over 20 years. Our services include pre-purchase inspections, building inspections as well as inspections for pest infestation. Our areas of service cover all of Brisbane, which includes North Coast, East Brisbane, West Brisbane, and South Brisbane. The team at InspectIt Homes comprises of licensed experts with the required professional qualification and experience, authorized by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). To top it all, we are known for our comprehensive inspections employing the best technology and advanced tools. With minimum downtime, we strive to deliver quick and thorough reports in a matter of a day. We employ thermal imaging for all building and pest inspection projects in order to deliver instant and effective results.

The inspections carried out by us are aimed towards identifying pest infestation and structural issues of all types that could put the safety of the residents at stake. Following the inspection, our team of experts will provide a report, stating the risk areas identified along with the aspects that could be a concern.

They also provide solutions to the identified issues, along with any follow up measures that could be necessary.
As a pre-purchase inspection, a visit from InspectIt Homes will help in getting the best value for a resale property as it is an integral part of the due diligence process for the homebuyer. These inspections identify structural issues that can turn out to be major a financial setback now or in the future. This is true for both new as well as old properties.

How can we help you save thousands of dollars?

Structural integrity is an important aspect when investing in any property, residential or commercial. This integrity can get compromised when it is infested by pests like termites. Likewise, the safety and hygiene can also get compromised when these pests become carriers of diseases. There could be noticeable damages that are visible to the naked eye of the investor.
In addition to these visible damages, there could be issues unnoticed to an untrained eye. Inside the walls, carports or garage, driveways, fence, pathways, out buildings, sub floors, ceiling space, roofs and any other inaccessible areas that could be the breeding ground for pests need to be checked. Here, a professional inspection by our trained specialists will help in identifying even the most difficult to detect pest and structural issues. If undetected, these issues could escalate and cause serious damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Home buyers, before investing in a property and getting into a contract with a real estate agent need to get the inspection done. Some agents might conduct this inspection and show the buyers the report when they are trying to pitch to them. In that case, homebuyers can be a part of the inspection to make sure that they are making a well informed decision. In case they are unable to do so, they can conduct one themselves before signing the dotted line.

At InspectIt Homes, we follow a customer-friendly policy wherein we urge homeowners to be a part of these inspections. As a result of this, there is no scope of error and clients feel more confident about making a decision.

With major issues identified, the buyers can get a good bargain on the price of the property. Termite issues that are quite rampant in and around South Brisbane can involve an expenditure of around $7,000 on an average for repairs and the same can be compensated for in the quoted price of the property.

So, these inspections are mandatory when investing in any property, whether old or new. Likewise, such an inspection should be an annual, post summer routine to ensure that a property is in its best, most habitable condition.

To schedule an appointment for a building and pest inspection in South Brisbane with InspectIt Homes, prospective customers can give us a call on 0499 887 792 or drop us a mail at

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