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The subtropical and warm climates like that of West Brisbane is considered favorable for termites to grow and flourish. On one hand, they are known to play an important role in the ecosystem by breaking down the detritus of dead and decaying wood and plant material, thereby returning essential nutrients back to the soil; on the other hand, the same feeding habits of these pests can cause serious damage to buildings.

In Brisbane, every year, individuals spend thousands of dollars on repair of termite damage. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the strength and structural integrity of the building are affected and it is rendered unlivable. These pests either live in the soil in their subterranean nests and/or create havoc inside wooden walls which makes them inconspicuous to the naked eye. The best way to detect termite infestation in your property is by conducting a professional building and pest inspection in West Brisbane.

InspectIt Homes has been offering building and pest inspection services in West Brisbane for more than 20 years. Termite damage detection is one of the key areas we specialize in. Our team of inspection experts are well trained and licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to serve in and around Brisbane.

Structural Damage caused by Termites

Homes and commercial buildings are made of a variety of materials and are not just limited to wood. Irrespective of that, they can be prone to termite infestation. These common pests make their way through walls made of plaster and metal siding among other materials and cause damage by feeding on cabinets, ceilings, wooden furniture and floors.

The damage caused is usually internal because of which it is not visible to the residents of a home. They only become identifiable after the infestation becomes prominent and considerable damage has been done. Pest inspection professionals at InspectIt Homes are capable of identifying presence of pests before it turns into a major infestation. We also provide control measures to minimize the damage and expedite treatment and repairs at minimal cost.

The building and pest inspections we conduct in West Brisbane are thorough and include the following locations which are possible breeding ground for pests:

  • The entire premise of the home or building
  • Interiors of the building
  • Garage or carport and driveways
  • Perimeter fencing and pathway
  • Secondary suites (in the form of granny flats) and other similar structures
  • Sub floors
  • Walls, both retaining and structural
  • Ceiling spaces
  • Roof

External inspections of the premises of a home or building are targeted towards spotting any subterranean termites breeding in loose, moist soil. These could make their way into the wooden components of the foundation through door frames and anything close to the soil. These termites can also cause interior damage through mud tunnels near the foundation.

The most common signs of termite damage detected by our building and pest inspectors are buckling wood, swollen floors, swollen ceilings, slight water damage and noticeable maze-like structures inside walls or wooden furniture. With severe infestations, the homes or buildings start developing a smell similar to mildew or mould.

One of the best industry tools available as of now to detect termite damage, along with other possible concern areas is thermal cameras. These cameras utilize infrared radiation. All of our pest inspections are done using thermal cameras for the identification of structural and termite related issues. These inspections are followed by a comprehensive report which lists down the findings along with the remedial measures to be taken.

The best advantage you get by conducting a building and pest inspection with us is the quick response time- on the date of the appointment, we conduct an extensive inspection and provide the report within the next 24 hours. As a result of this, you can take the necessary steps in minimum time. Moreover, for all the inspection projects, we ensure that the cost overheads are always kept within a practical limit.

To avoid spending thousands of dollars on repair of termite damage or any other pest infestation issue in Brisbane, InspectIt Homes’ comprehensive solutions for building and pest inspections are what you should go for.

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